Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Training Workshop


Wed 31 January 2018


Basford Hall Conference Centre,
Goldcrest Road

The smart integration of electric vehicles into the grid has the potential to radically change the energy landscape. Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology will play a key role in the transition from centralised generation to more energy self-sufficient cities and communities. The aggregation of large numbers of EV’s, with grid connectivity, may also help play a key role in managing variable power demands and supporting grid stability.

This workshop provided a comprehensive overview of current developments in V2G and focused on four themes covering the need for V2G, applicable markets and business models, technical system aspects and business case studies.

Each theme included a training presentation from Cenex supported by a series of industry presentations including: –

  • “EVs and their impacts on the power network, opportunities for distributed storage and V2G” – UK Power Networks
  • “Why V2G can be part of the solution”Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)
  • “The impact of V2G on the UK electricity supply and demand system. V2G role in ensuring market flexibilitye-on
  • “Aggregating V2G assets”Nuuve
  • “Experiences of using a V2G unit”Grid Edge

The Course offers a  V2G CPD qualification and further courses will be available in 2018.

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