Thank you so much for inviting us to yesterday’s event. In my 7 years with electric vehicles I have never attended such a useful, well attended and expertly run event. It truly was a great day. Thanks again.

Charles Roberts. POD Point Ltd.

Great day. It was one of the best attended events I’ve been to in recent times in terms of both quality and quantity of attendees. Please let me know if you’re running anything similar in the future. We’ve spent considerable sums in the past to get far less back than we did yesterday.

Jim Short, Smart Parking Technology

I just wanted to re iterate my thanks for hosting us all yesterday. The presentations were very provoking for what became a superb networking event for me. Where possible and in respect of BAU, I would like to be more involved and I look forward to future events. Many thanks again – a superb facility, warm host and great networking, great!

Ben Boutcher-West, Robert Bosch Ltd

I found the event really good, its generated several pretty good leads for us and we’ve got some folk coming to visit us who I think previously would have viewed us as a competitor or as a threat so good all round!

Jim Scott, Grid Edge

I was a little uncertain about whether this training module (e-learning course) was for me because I don’t have a strong technical background – however, I found the entire process to be intuitive and supportive. From the sign-up process through to the learning content, it is easy to follow, well thought out and most importantly it delivers the learning content that I was really looking for. Looking forward to more in the future.

Helen Hemstock, STC