Types of Charge Point Connectors

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Different kind of charge point connectors explained below.

There is a lot of confusion among people around different types of connectors, the diagram below should make understanding it easier. In essence, on the supply side:

  1. Domestic 3-pin plug is the slowest form of charging intended for emergency usage only.
  2. The Commando plug is a higher amperage version of the above type and can provide higher power charging over single and three phases AC but is now depracated.
  3. Type-2 is the most common connector type found on domestic and public charge points.
  4. Rapid DC charge points are always found with charging cable tethered to it.

On the vehicle side:

  1. Type-1 is the only slow-charging connector scoket on vehicle side. This is mostly found in conjuction with the CHAdeMO rapid connector socket in EVs with smaller batteries. Manufacturers are gradually moving away from Type-1 to Type-2.
  2. Type-2 is the most common type of connector socket available in European-make EVs because of its versatility.
  3. CHAdeMO connector design belongs to a Japanese-led consortium and hence is found in most Asian-make EVs as the socket for Rapid charging.
  4. CCS (Combined Charging System) was more recently developed to have a single multi-function socket for all types of charging. It encompasses a single port for Type-2 connector socket and DC terminals as well. It is the more favoured design and is found in most modern EVs.
Different types of EVSE connectors with power ratings for supply and vehicle sides

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