Battery life and Electric Vehicle Maintenance

One of the questions often asked is about the life span of EV batteries.

Battery Life

Some drivers are concerned that the life of the battery in an EV is as little as few years. However, this is simply not the case according to the data. Nissan has recently claimed that the battery pack of a Leaf will last for approximately 22 years; 10-12 years longer than the average life of the car itself. This statement is based on recent battery degradation data from 400,000 Nissan Leafs sold across Europe.

EV Maintenance

EV Running Costs

Electric cars are now cheaper to own, run and hold on to more of their value than petrol or diesel cars (What Car?). According to the AA, generally running an EV costs between 2-4p per mile compared to 16-20p per mile for internal combustion engine vehicles. EVs are exempt from the London congestion charge and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges coming in to force in many UK cities.

Many retail centres or supermarkets offer free charging and some towns and cities such as Milton Keynes offer free parking to EVs. There are also a number of grant and tax incentives available to encourage the use of EVs.