Past Events

Electric Vehicle Charge Points Workshop

26th February 2020

Electric Vehicle Charging Innovations Conference

4th December 2019

Battery Technology Master Class ‘From First Spark to Final Discharge’

13th November 2019

EV Charge Point Blockchain Workshop

4th April, 2019

Vehicle To Grid Workshop From concept to commercialisation

6th February, 2019

Mobility-as-a-Service – The end of car ownership and the future of transport?

28th November, 2018

Delivering a UK Electric Vehicle Charging Network Conference

31st October, 2018

Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Fleet Masterclass

28th September, 2018

Electric Vehicle Charging Innovations – Industry Showcase

28th June, 2018

Air Quality Targets and Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Innovation

17th May, 2018

Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure – creating public access networks

7th March, 2018

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Training Workshop

31st January, 2018

Intelligent Mobility – how data will transform urban mobility

2nd November, 2017

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Conference

4th October 2017

Electro Mobility Systems and Technology (EMTEC)

7-8th June 2017

Low Emission Fleet Masterclass

5th May 2017

Hydrogen Transport Technology Conference

1st February 2017

Nottingham Clean Air Zone Event

7th Feb 2017

Intelligent Mobility Conference

22nd March 2017

Vehicle to Grid Workshop

14th Dec 2016

The Transition to Low Emission Vehicles – future trends and supply chain opportunities

1st Dec 2016