Electric Vehicle Charging Innovations – Industry Showcase


Thursday 28th June 2018

9.00am – 4.30pm


Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham

Conference overview

The UK’s transition towards the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is dependent on the development of an effective national charging network. At this conference industry speakers showcased new hardware and software EV charge point innovations that will improve the customer experience and contribute to the delivery of charging infrastructure across the UK. The conference also considered what can be learnt from the European experience of rolling out charging infrastructure at scale.


  • Plugsurfing  Lessons from connecting EV users to 60,000 chargers across Europe’s largest networks.
  • Bookmycharge – “The Airbnb of EV charging”. Creating a community-based, peer-to-peer EV charge point service.
  • APT Controls – Lamp post charger installations at retail car parks to create charging hubs
  • Urban Electric – The world’s first ‘pop-up’ charge point for residential on-street charging. An Innovate Uk funded Oxford pilot project.
  • OvoEnergy – The Uk’s first commercially available vehicle to grid (V2G) home charger
  • Open Energi – Battery storage integration with EV charge points – ‘A blueprint for global EV charging infrastructure’. South Mimms Service Station case study
  • Hewitt Studios – The fuel Station of the future; modular hub charging station design.
  • Fastned Building a European network of 350kW EV rapid charging stations and what this means for the UK
  • Parking Energy Ltd – Scalability’ – lessons from Scandinavia for the UK in delivering large scale EV charge point solutions -technical innovations and business models.
  • Bender UK – Developing a next generation charge station controller.