Air Quality Targets and Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Innovation


Thursday 17 th May 2018

9.00am – 4.00pm


Pride Park Stadium,

This Conference considered measures to improve air quality including the introduction of future Clean Air Zones and measures being taken to promote the adoption of ultra-low emission vehicles in UK towns and cities. Issues covered include: –

  • Air quality and why actions is needed.
  • Clean Air Zones (CAZs) – an update on emerging local authority CAZ models.
  • An overview of vehicles and technologies able to improve air quality through emission reduction including future vehicle availability and retro fit solutions.
  • City case studies- practical measures being taken to promote the transition to ultra-low emission vehicles.


  • Client Earth –Why air quality needs to be acted upon?
  • Emissions AnalyticsThe real emission from vehicles.
  • Energy Saving Trustthe London Ultra Low Emission Zone and progress towards Clean Air Zones outside London– progress, options and implications
  • Nottingham City Council –  approach to developing a Clean Air Zone
  • ITP – Leicester’s approach to improving air quality
  • Cenex – Vehicles and technologies available to support CAZ cities including vehicle availability going forward and retro fit solutions
  • Southampton City Council-  Developing a City-wide package of support measures to drive ULEV uptake  
  • Nottingham City Council: – Supporting fleet change and additional innovations to support ULEV uptake
  • Milton Keynes, EV Experience Centre – lessons learnt case study
  • CenexULEV Public engagement programmes.